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No matter if you are a college student, a high school student, or a middle school student, the chances are that you did not receive detailed instructions on the three critical skills of Learning, Studying and Testing. This simply written, short book will provide you with detailed instruction on these three skills. It will also provide you with the information you need in order to develop your own personal learning plan that almost all successful students rely on in order to earn A and B grades.

Every adult that has read this book has said similar things about it: “Where was this book when I was in school? I would have done so much better in school, college and my career if I had followed the instructions given.”

This book is written in a series of short sections rather than long chapters, because many students have difficulty reading long, involved texts. It is written in the first person so the readers get the feeling that a close relative or friend is coaching them. Dozens of proven educational tips that support the three skills are included to help the students become more successful.

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Table of Contents
U.S. High Schools Today
Education Is Like A Game
Education Is Like A Job
Poor Grades Are Not All Your Fault
Plan Or No-Plan Prior To Entering High School
Your High School Transcript
Your Study Places
The Right Pen
Print Or Write?
Abbreviations And Printing Samples
Basic Computer Skills
You Remember
Good Student Habits
Weekly Study Schedule
The Reading Test
Ways To Improve Your Reading Speed
Reading Texts And Assigned Reading
Basic Learning Styles
Why Proper Note-Taking Is Critical
Basic Note-Taking
Lecture Or Classroom Note-Taking
Outside Of Classroom Note-Taking
Tips On Taking Good Notes
Eyesight vs. Vision Problems
Reading Over Your Notes
Basic Outlining
Listening For Content
Your Grade Point Average (GPA)
Your Brain
The Objective-Type Test
Pre-Test Study Strategies
Preparing For Quizzes, Tests And Exams
Scheduling And Preparing For Tests And Exams
How To Avoid Stress
Learning Math
Strategies For Learning
What To Do In The Testing Room
The Brain Drain
Choosing A Cramming Method
The Regular High School Program
Graduation Requirements
The College Prep High School Program
Four Year Educational Plan Worksheet
Measuring And Monitoring Student Progress for Parents
Final Advice
Web Sites That Can Help You
Most Often Misspelled Words In English

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