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About The Author
Gary Howard Gary E. Howard
was a high school teacher and adult education administrator for five years. During this time he was one of the first school administrators in the country to be awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants under the new Manpower Development and Training Act (MDTA) to train the hardcore unemployed in a number of occupations in the Oakland, California area. Mr. Howard was then employed by the Peralta Community College District to expand these grants in order to design and develop one of the first Skill Centers in the U.S.

Federal, state and local authorities were seriously concerned that Oakland was destined to become another Watts and wanted a Skills Center to be developed to accommodate 2,500 students as soon as possible. Within a three-month period Mr. Howard and a team had such a center up and running. The grants eventually totaled over twenty five million dollars.

After two successful years, Mr. Howard was employed by Merritt College where he coordinated a large number of medical training programs. He went on to serve as the District Director of Occupational Education for five colleges and Assistant to the Vice Chancellor of Instruction. He turned down a direct appointment to be President of one of the colleges, but went on to serve as Dean of Instruction at two other colleges.

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